• Kitchener Turkey Chicken Plucker Machine Poultry De-Feather 800W
Kitchener Turkey Chicken Plucker Machine Poultry De-Feather 800W

Kitchener Turkey Chicken Plucker Machine Poultry De-Feather 800W

Ürün ayrıntıları:

Place of Origin: China
Marka adı: Kitchener
Sertifika: FDA
Model Number: FP100

Ödeme & teslimat koşulları:

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 pcs
Fiyat: Depending on the quantity
Packaging Details: Standard package
Delivery Time: 30-45 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10000 pcs per month
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Detay Bilgi

Voltage: 120V Wattage: 1.2HP
Antimicrobial: Yes Power Type: Electric
Wheels included: 2 wheels Rotational speed: 280 RPM

chicken defeathering machine


chicken feather plucker machine

Ürün Açıklaması

Kitchener Turkey Chicken Plucker Plucking Machine Poultry De-Feather 800W


1. Make sure all safety features are operational, including the power switch and proximity
2. Check that all nuts and bolts are secure.
NOTE: All hardware (nuts, bolts, etc) should be checked for tightness before each use.
Vibration of machine can cause them to loosen.
3. Keep electrical connections out of areas where water can pool.
4. Each time the chicken plucker is plugged in, you must press the reset button on the leakage
protector. The machine will not start without this step.
5. Put the bird into scalding water should be approximately 65 degrees Centigrade (140-150
degrees Fahrenheit), plunging the bird in and out of the water for about 1 minute. When the
bigger feather on wings can be pulled out easily by hand.
6. Recommend to mix the soap with scald water to make the oil on birds’ feathers easily broken
down, which allows the hot water to penetrate to birds skin.
7. Press the start button on power switch and put the birds into the plucker.
8. Drop the bird into plucker and let machine process until feathers are removed. A properly
scalded bird will pluck in about 15-30 seconds.
9. Turn off the chicken plucker when finished.
NOTE: Do NOT retrieve bird unless unit has come to a complete stop.


1. Read and follow all instructions in the manual and on the unit before starting.
2. Dress appropriately when operating the machine.
3. Removing all packing grease and oil from the surfaces.
4. Dry all parts before re-assemble.
5. Keep packing material for future storage of plucker.
6. Do not allow children to operate this machine. 


1. Turn off the machine, unplug before removing foreign matters.
2. Keep hands out of feather chute.
3. Disassemble all parts and wash thoroughly in soapy water.
4. You must remove all foreign material from all appliance parts.
5. Do not use bleach or chlorine based chemicals to clean. Discoloration of plastic parts can
6. Wipe down all non stainless steel parts with a food grade spray. Alternatively, wipe down
with a salad oil to keep from rusting.
7. Do not immerse motor housing in water. Damage to motor can occur.
8. It is best to keep the unit stored indoors or covered, not exposed to water and sunlight.

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